Individual Advocacy

The timely provision of quality legal services can preserve immigrants’ access to subsistence income, promote consumer protection and increase access to essential services. These most basic human rights form the foundation for immigrants to achieve economic and social justice. HVJC recognizes that communities thrive when all members have equal access to justice, regardless of their immigration status.

Through our legal representation, HVJC seeks to advance our mission by helping immigrants:

  • Work legally, under safe working conditions and receive fair wages and pursue back wages and overtime pay;
  • Obtain necessary public benefits for qualified immigrants;
  • Advocate for equal protection under the law.

HVJC’s experienced attorneys have handled cases for immigrants in a range of practice areas, including but not limited to consumer debt/protection, income maintenance matters, public benefits, and employment law. HVJC offers varying levels of assistance, from immediate advice and counsel, to brief service, to full representation. We tailor our services to meet the needs of undocumented clients who lack English proficiency.